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I'm that scrawny white kid in the back of the class trying to fit in with the cool kids.

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DevThomas's News

Posted by DevThomas - July 24th, 2013

What's up guys? As my recent creation was a bit of a success, I decided to change my name forever as "DevThomas" which stands for Developer Thomas. I decided to change my username because it sounds more professional and it corresponds with my game developing blog. I also own http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/thomas & http://gamejolt.com/profile/thomas/57046/ & My Blog

I'm currently creating a game that's going to follow close to WW2 time but with pixels. I think the game may be fun but I'm still working on the story attempting to make it work and such. Wish me luck guys!

Posted by DevThomas - February 6th, 2013

How's it going Newgrounds users? It's been a while since I've been active on this website simply because of the reason of college. It's a hassle trying to manage work, exercise, college, and flash games all at once. The semester is nearing an end in just a couple of months and then I'll be able to participate on this website more. I literally, can't wait.

I've been experimenting with Stencyl and have made a new platformer. I'm going to name it Egnaro. The last platformer I made wasn't so much a success as much as it was a burden for everyone to play. Its jumps were iffy, the character sometimes fell through the walls, and the collisions were off. I've decided to turn over to Stencyl in order to build my new upcoming platformer. It's just a simple mini-platformer that I've constructed. Here's an image to prove my honesty:

Long time, no Blog

Posted by DevThomas - June 4th, 2012

What's up everyone? It's been a great deal of time since I've came in contact with my Newgrounds page. I've been working on a game only exclusive to Kongregate but I may decide down along the lines to submit it here as well. Kongregate has been well to me the past couple of months so I've been on there hanging out. If you wish to view my account on Kongregate, here's the link: ABipolarCactus Kongregate Page

The current game I'm working on is indeed another plat-former. It will consist of fifteen levels, A-1 through A-5, B-1 though B-5, etc. It's currently a work in progress but near completion. I've had numerous people test the game as well as give me feedback on glitches and such. I'm taking music from Newgrounds needed for my game. I'm sorry if I decided to use your music and not warn you about it. The game is a pixel style game with touching 8Bit music to go with it.

I took this snapshot in its early days of progression:

WIP: The Odyssey of Boxy

Posted by DevThomas - March 17th, 2012

Hey guys! Apart from making a bunch of tutorials, I think it's time for me to start making games again. Honestly, the reason I quit making games for a while was because I get to frustrated... I always seem to want to make a game that's a higher action-script level than my own personal skill. If you wish to view all the games that I've made check out these three profiles on Kongregate:


Thomast555 was my first ever account on kongregate. The real reason I even started making flash games was because my friend started playing on Kongregate and just simply asked me if I could make a simple shooting FPS game. I simply said "Why Not?". I made one in about 3 hours following simple tutorials on youtube. If you wish to play my first game ever it's on my Thomast555 account, Pistol to Target. If you ask if I'm proud of it... I will simply say HELL NO! I was proud of it like a year ago... so proud that I actually made a second game... Pistol to Target 2

Two years later after I made the game my friend asked, as a joke, if I wanted to make a Pistol to Target 3. I eventually did get around to make it... and that game was BOSS!!! I loved it! You could choose from 20+ different guns... all the guns had a "pixel" affect to them... the targets you had to shoot actually moved... and there was a boss target as well that took 35 shots to kill. Sadly, the project was too big for newgrounds to host (More than 10MB) so I decided to delete some things out of the flash. Once I deleted all the needless things, my computer just right there INSTANTANEOUSLY turned off. The entire screen went black and I lost all my data.

Yep... that's the timeline of my first game series. I was thinking about remaking Pistol to Target 3... but I'm in the mood for a platformer... even though we already have enough of those. In my next game I may use Canabalt as a character that you can choose..... in my games I like to add a little "variety" so that you can choose from different characters except for one.

Posted by DevThomas - March 12th, 2012

Hey guys! I decided to make a new video for my new channel GameboyEnhance. I hope you guys check out the video below because I did put a lot of time into editing the video. My Gameboy Enhance channel is actually getting a great amount of video views but not enough subscribers. It would be great if you could subscribe to my channel.

The Excite Bike isn't the only video I have. The other video is a zelda video. What I mainly do with each video is take a classical video game and put a dubstep / something fast paced music behind the video and make the game clips go with the music.

Here's the Video:

Posted by DevThomas - February 15th, 2012

Dubstep. It's that one theatrical music that I could listen to all day with the bass drops and such. I've been hooked on dubstep for about a month now ever since I listened to the UKF Tutorial produced by some johnny guy. What's not to like about the song? There's a crazy robotic voice and it somewhat teaches you how to make a dubstep. Awesome right?

I've enjoyed dubstep so much over the last couple of weeks that I've chosen eight dubstep songs out of my collection that have the best bass drops in my opinion. I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you want to see what the song is titled you're going to have to go to youtube and it'll be in the description.

Posted by DevThomas - January 22nd, 2012

I'm about to download this flash application named TGF2 because my Adobe Flash Trial has run out. Does anyone have any recommendations for this program? I haven't watched a single tutorial on it and the interface is a little confusing. I just want to know is it really worth going through all the trouble of making a game in TGF2 or should I use Stencyl?

Stencyl looks much simpler with a user friendly interface. I don't know if I should use this over TGF2 because I've seen people use Stencyl in the past and the games made with it were glitchy.

Posted by DevThomas - January 1st, 2012

Have you ever wondered about what makes kids popular / geeks? Over the last 8 years of my school life I've basically "Studied" peoples' emotions for my senior project. I've basically learned the ends and outs and think I should publish my finding on newgrounds. Please don't be to much a critic I'm just sharing with you my own thoughts and opinions... no critizing needed.

Social Patterns:
Have you ever heard the saying "Like father, like son."? Well this saying is almost exact in this world. Let's say your dad was popular in school, he had all the girls he wanted, got terrible grades, and yet still managed to get by and go to college. You're probably going to end up being the same.

What brought me to myself saying that is because I have this friend named Joel. Joel has a brother that's about 2 grades above him. There was this girl in my class that he like named Jessica. This was back in about 6th grade when GF and BF was still new to everyone. Well Jessica had and older brother too. I found out about in a week that their brothers were in the same grade. Neither Jessica nor Joel were too popular so I figured in my own brain these exact thoughts:

"I bet you since neither of them are popular... that you would probably mean that their older brothers aren't popular either. Therefore if they weren't popular they run a risk of being friends."

Turns out... they were friends. Ever since I learned that... I've been studying how popularity works. To test out my theory of how to be "popular" I enrolled in an Early College to see if I could become popular by wearing the right clothes and acting like an ass but being nice at times. Guess what, it worked. I became popular with a sh** load of friends but, I wasn't happy and I missed my old friends back at the other school. I guess being popular has its ups and downs. In the meantime though, it's fun being popular :)

In another instance one of the parents could've been popular in school and the other one might not have been as popular. To determine whether the child is popular pertains to who they hang out the most with.

Now above me in that paragraph was about popularity... not "clicks". Clicks is a whole different story that I'll prob type up some paragraphs next week about.

Posted by DevThomas - October 9th, 2011

What is up everyone! I'm officially excited to say, that I want to be the next flash guru of the portal! If you don't know what a flash guru is, basically it means I make flash tutorials for everyone!

Now, to obtain this title I must make a SH** load of tutorials that are useful.

I understand that AS2 is not the new action scripting language, but I don't know AS3 enough to start making tutorials about it. I will though, as time goes on, learn more about AS3 to create tutorials about it!

Next Project: Wii Love Flash Games

Posted by DevThomas - October 5th, 2011

That's right guys! I'm finally back but only for a temperal stage. Since I'm out of school on Friday I was going to make a flash project named "WiiFlashTutorials".
This will basically have the same purpose as my previous tutorial (That won an award) but this one will have a template that will look like Wii Sports. I hope you guys enjoy it whenever it comes out!